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Yes, Your Website Needs A Blog

Updated: Feb 27

In the age of digital marketing, it can be hard to stand out. In many industries, you're no longer competing with companies down the block; you compete with companies city, state, and nationwide. How can you compete?

By using the internet to your advantage!

Of course, you know the benefits of digital marketing. You know you should have a selection of social media accounts, an updated website, and a Google Maps listing if your business is at a physical address. But your business also needs a blog; here's why.

1. Get The Most Out Of Organic SEO

Simply put, informative blogs with relevant keywords help you rank higher on Google so people can discover your business. 

Imagine This 

You run a dentist's office. Someone in your area, who happens to be passively seeking out a new dentist, searches "tips for good gum health." 

Luckily, you know your industry and have an up-to-date library of blogs, including one on this topic. Because your blog contains relevant keywords, such as "gum health" and "oral health tips," and because you are located near the searcher, Google recognizes your blog as an answer to the question, and your blog shows up toward the top of the page.

The searcher visits your website and reads your blog. Your blog is exactly what they were looking for, and they stick around to read some of the other blogs on your site and even check out your services; they may even book an appointment!

Through your well-written blog, you've optimized your organic SEO. Not only is your website showing up when someone searches "dentists near me," it's also showing up when someone searches for oral care tips or other relevant searches related to your industry, widening your reach and maximizing your organic SEO power.

2. Become A "Trusted Face" In Your Industry

Let's go back to the dental practice example. The searcher listened to the advice you shared in your blog, and now, they are noticing improvements in their overall gum health. Your knowledge has been tested and proven by that searcher, establishing you as a trusted authority in oral health. In the future, they will likely visit your website again and may even visit your office for future dental healthcare needs!

3. Position Yourself As An Industry Expert

Because the knowledge and expertise you shared have been tested and proven, you've established yourself as a credible source of information. When people search for businesses to provide products and services, they want to know that you know your industry and can provide value to them as a customer. Through the valuable advice you share, you establish yourself as a leader and expert in your industry. 


Blogging is a crucial element of digital marketing that can help you stand out in a crowded market. By optimizing your organic SEO, becoming a trusted face in your industry, and positioning yourself as an industry expert, you establish yourself as a credible and valuable source of information. So, if you want to maximize your online presence and attract more customers, start blogging today!

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