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Michala Zappia Joins The Alpha Dog Team

Updated: Feb 27

Alpha Dog Agency has welcomed Michala Zappia as Art Director. She will oversee and manage direction for all design projects and organic social media, as well as writing copy for in house and client marketing.


Michala has lived in Mishawaka her entire life and graduated from Bethel University in 2023 with a B.A. in Liberal Studies.

Michala joined the Alpha Dog team in November 2022 as a graphic design and social media intern before accepting a permanent role in September 2023.

Michala has been a writer for most of her life, and has over 6 years of experience managing organic social media for churches, businesses, and university programs. She's also completed several freelance social media and design jobs and has been designing for as long as she can remember.

Michala will be tasked with managing all design projects as well as in house organic social media.

Michala is passionate about finding and creating beauty in the world. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending time in nature with family and friends, and cooking new meals.

You can contact Michala here.

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