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Reed Warner Joins The Alpha Dog Team

Updated: Feb 27

Alpha Dog Agency has welcomed Reed Warner as Sales Director. He will oversee the acquisition and onboarding of all new Alpha Dog clients, as well as hiring and managing interns.


Reed and his wife, Shea, relocated to South Bend from Rochester, New York.

Reed served in various roles for Point Guard U over the past 5 years while working as a public school teacher and basketball coach in NY. This past year Reed made the jump to join Alpha Dog Agency and Point Guard U full time.

Reed will also be tasked with overseeing our team of interns for Alpha Dog Agency and Point Guard U. As well as, growing Point Guard U's Youtube presence and beginning a podcast for Point Guard U.

Reed is dedicated to giving a voice to local businesses and has a passion for community building.

His other passions include basketball, traveling, and the Buffalo Bills.

You can contact Reed here.

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