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Establishing Your Business's Instagram Identity

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Your business’s social media accounts provide both an excellent avenue for communication, as well as a dynamite tool for branding. Although the following suggestions cater specifically to Instagram, note that these can also apply to other social media platforms.

Since images make up the heart of Instagram’s platform, remember that images, as well as text, help to establish your business’s voice on Instagram.

The content and the way in which you convey Instagram content add together to establish your business’s distinct voice.

For example, your captions, profile information, and images might contain whimsical motivational quotes, versus simple, straightforward information.

These are just two general examples; there are countless styles possible.

As you determine your business’s Instagram identity, ask yourself questions such as: What are the value points of my business? If my business had a personality type, what would this be? Or, how do I want my team to be reflected in my business’s overall image?

Reflecting on questions such as this can help you to identify and then establish your business’s voice on Instagram.

Also consider what practical purposes you want your Instagram account to serve.

Perhaps you want to use this platform purely as a way to humanize your business. Or maybe you plan to use this platform as a practical message board of sorts for daily/weekly updates on stock, store hours, etc. Or, maybe Instagram is a way for you to connect with your customers and business partners by way of tags, re-posts, and personal messages.

Likely, the purpose of your business’s Instagram account will be a blend of all of these and/or other goals. Regardless, knowing the primary purpose of your business’s account will help you as the business owner prioritize tasks and choose appropriate content for your account.

Finally, note that as your business grows and evolves, so too will your Instagram (and all social media accounts) identity. But, knowing and establishing the core of what your business does and represents provides a sort of recognizable rapport which you can leverage to engage customers.

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