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Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joined The South Bend Beat Podcast

Mayor Pete joined the Alpha Dog team on the South Bend Beat podcast to discuss all things South Bend, weird foods he's eaten and getting stuck on elevators. He also told us a hilarious story involving Obama and what it was like to ride around South Bend with Mark Zuckerberg.


On Tuesday, we released our latest episode of the South Bend Beat podcast, featuring Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

It's a quick 30 minute listen and it's not the usual interview questions you hear Mayor Pete answer. The questions he was asked are below.

What's your South Bend story?

What was your first job?

What's a typical day like for you?

Have you ever been stuck on an elevator?

Are there any initiatives to help small businesses in the next year?

What's your favorite TV show currently, what about of all time?

What were some of your 2017 highlights, what about things to look forward to in 2018?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Are there any plans for South Bend to be a test market in the tech space?

What person that you met made you the most nervous?

What advice would you give a college student looking to follow your career path?

What's the longest drive you've ever taken?

You can listen on iTunes here, Android here and directly here.


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