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South Bend Beat Asks: Mayor Pete

Back in Season 1 of South Bend Beat, we had Mayor Pete Buttigieg on the podcast. We talked about his upbringing in South Bend, his path to becoming Mayor and a pretty cool story about an interaction he had with Barack Obama.


After Season 1, we sent the same five questions to all of our guests and published their answers in a series on the Alpha Dog Agency blog.

I thought it would be timely to re-publish all of the questions we asked Mayor Pete and his answers. The only new addition is a (hilarious) tweet that Chasten added after we published. Enjoy!

SBB: What Does The First Hour Of Your Day Look Like?

Mayor Pete: "I stop by morning press shows before 7:00 AM. Then I'll review daily news stories and/or hold coffee meetings with community leaders."

SBB: What Does The Last Hour Of Your Day Look Like?

Mayor Pete: "I debrief with staff about the day's events and and prepare for the next day's schedule."

SBB: What Are Your Favorite Apps?

Mayor Pete: Dark Sky, Word With Friends

SBB: If You Could Put Up A Billboard That Would Reach Millions Of People, What Would It Say?

Mayor Pete: BE NICE!

SBB: What Books Are You Currently Reading?

Mayor Pete: Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn - Chris Hughes

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