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New Site Launch: Downtown South Bend

Our team at Alpha Dog Agency was thrilled to get the opportunity to build a new website for Downtown South Bend.

Alpha Dog Agency Downtown South Bend

It officially launched last week, we'll cover a few of the highlights below.

1. Added Navigation

It's easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for. You can use the Explore Downtown tab to narrow your search to certain verticals, all present in handy maps that allow you to zoom in, zoom out, get directions or visit their website.

You're also only a click away from any DTSB Event, whether it's a pop-up event or one of the Signature Events.

2. Forms Made Easy

Whether you are looking to Submit An Event, Register for Art Beat or just get in touch with the DTSB Team - it's easy.

There are form landings throughout the entire site, making it a breeze to submit exactly what you are looking for.

3. Payments Made Easy

We didn't forget about the payment aspect.

You're all registered for your event but you want to pay. Each Event will have it's own e-commerce landing with all of the needed information included. You can pay with any major form of payment and have the details emailed directly to you.

You can also pay for your Grow Downtown purchases and even buy Downtown Dollars right in the same window. And it'll be easier than ever with the user registration platform, allowing you to keep your Cart, Wish List and Saved Items handy at all times.

There's so much more that you're able to do on the Downtown South Bend website. Be sure to check it out and email us if there are ways it can be improved or additions that you think would be helpful.

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