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Building Brand Loyalty Using Digital

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Just as important as it is to bring new customers inside the door, so too is ensuring customers come back for future purchases. Your company’s digital platforms and presence offer excellent opportunities for boosting customer loyalty.

Take a look at how the following three customer retention tips from Forbes apply not only to person-to-person customer service, but apply to the digital domain as well:

#1 Quality counts.

As a business owner, you are focused on delivering a quality product for your customers. Extend this quality assurance throughout your entire brand—This includes your digital presence.

Websites, social media pages, advertisements, and any other piece of your company’s digital presence should reflect the quality you expect in your products. In particular, make sure your messaging is clear and your platforms easy to navigate (for both mobile and desktop users).

#2 Reach out and respond.

Whether it’s in-store personnel or the website contact form, responsive and regular communication matters.

Whether it’s a social media message, an online review (positive or negative!), a form on your website, or any other form of online communication, make the effort to maintain these communication avenues.

And remember, communication is a two-way street. Leverage your online presence to connect and follow up with your customers.

Taking these steps to maintain communication, can address current affairs, as well as establish long-term relationships with your customer base.

#3 Promote partnerships.

Connect with like-minded businesses on your digital platforms. Doing so can increase your customer reach and add value for your current customers.

Opportunities for cross-promotion can easily be achieved via social media and email campaigns/e-newsletters.

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