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Why We Focus On Small Business

I get asked the question a lot.

Alpha Dog Agency Small Business South Bend Indiana


Why don't you go after big accounts? That's where the money is.

Alpha Dog has had the same mission since Day 1, we want to help business owners that run small to medium sized businesses succeed with their digital marketing.

We hear the same problem all the time.

"I run a small business. I'm already working 60+ hours a week. Even if I could somehow carve out the time to learn about building a website, social media marketing and SEO - I would never have the time to keep up with it. And it's too expensive to hire an agency to do it for us."

That's where we come in. When we pitch a small business, we pitch them on what services they need, nothing more. Often times they'll be pitched for services or platforms that are simply unneeded. Paid marketing often falls into this category.

We also rarely require a large, up-front payment. Small businesses are going to need an agency to partner with them on a long-term basis. They don't need an agency to work for them for a short amount of time, hand over the goods and say, "Good luck." That's where frustration sets in and time constraints lead to their business owner throwing their hands up in the air, frustrated.

Instead, we offer smaller monthly payments - keeping us on their "staff" on an ongoing basis. They don't have to shell out a shocking amount of money for a website build up front.

To add to that, we almost never require long-term contracts. Each month, we have to prove our worth. If we aren't making your life easier and providing value, why should you have to continue with us as a partner?

The obvious question is, "What if someone uses this way of doing things to get a website on the cheap and then opt-out? Or just learn how you do things and opt-out to do it on their own?"

That's a risk I'm willing to take. It hasn't happened yet and if we do what we're supposed to as an agency, it won't happen.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of any city. It's people that started with a dream and worked extremely hard to turn it into a reality. If we can keep working hand in hand with our neighbors to keep their reality going, that's a win-win all the way around.

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