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The Importance Of Showcasing Your Brand

It's the fun part of branding, right?


And it's usually one of the first things new businesses do. They'll order shirts, hats, banners, stickers and more.

While we're a digital marketing agency, we understand the important (and fun!) of showcasing your brand through physical avenues. In fact, we often give away #SwagBags to visitors and partners that include mugs, chocolate bars, stickers, magnets, shirts, pens and more.

It's an efficient and simple way to get your brand a bit of awareness. It also allows you and your partners to rep your brand when you're out and about.

Below are the three favorite items in our office.

1. Magnets

They hold up really well! You can get them cut in the exact shape of your logo, in circle or square.

2. Stickers

We give these out all of the time. You can put them on water bottles, laptops, phone cases and more. They aren't very expensive and the customization options are endless.

3. Hats

You'll notice that our staff is pretty big on hats. Kyle opts for the dad hats, Jordan rocks the fitted hats and the rest of the staff varies between beanies and strap backs.

PS - We love using Sticker Mule for our orders of magnets, logo stickers and coasters. The prices are tough to beat, shipping is fast and you'll end up with some hot sauce, oddly enough.

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