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Moving Season Is Here & We Have Your Solution

Moving season has started and it'll run through the entire summer. Move Eaze is a South Bend moving company and their movers ready for it.


We get it, moving is stressful. We don't like to do it either. But one of our clients, Move Eaze, go above and beyond to make sure the entire process is stress-free.

We started working with Move Eaze and few months ago and even though we handle reputation management and reviews for the majority of our clients, the feedback we've received for Move Eaze has really stood out. Whether it's Facebook or Google, you'll see glowing reviews for their team.

Their thought process is simple, make it as easy and stress-free as possible for the family or business moving. Is it an early morning? They'll bring you muffins. Are you especially worried about a piece of furniture? They'll treat is the same way they do every other piece, like it's their own, sweet, grandmothers valuable. Tired from a long day of running back and forth? They'll give you a gift certificate to grab some pizza for dinner.

You can visit their website here. It's full of valuable tools like the Moving Checklist, Moving Box Estimator and a list of their MoveEaze Stars, which are the actual faces you'll see at your move.

The COO of Move Eaze, Gerald Jones, went on South Bend Beat to tell his story a couple months ago.

Make your move a little easier this time around. You can schedule your free consultation with Move Eaze here.

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