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A Few Takeaways From The Local Search Survey

Each year, there are going to be in new trends in local search relating to how your customers (or potential customers) are finding you.


And each year, Moz does a great job at breaking down those trends and presenting them in a manner that's easy to digest.

This year, Darren Shaw handled their 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey and there are some golden nuggets in there. We're going to highlight a few of the factors that really stood out to us. But it wouldn't hurt to read the entire post.

GMB (Google My Business) Growth

This is their top factor. GMB experienced the biggest bump in growth in the history of the survey. If you are taking full advantage of your GMB listing, you'll have a leg up on your competitors - especially in this area. Below are a few ways to get started.

1. Check Q&A - Users can (and do) post questions directly to your listing. Hop on and answer for them.

2. Use Google Posts - It's like social media but the posts show up directly in your search result. There is an expiration date on these posts.

3. Complete Your Listing - This is the most basic, and also the most important, step. Claim and optimize your listing immediately.

If you need help with any of these steps, feel free to contact us.

Reviews Still Play Large Role

This fact isn't going anywhere soon. Even with all the spam that is coming in, Google still relies on your reviews to boost your ranking.

You cannot give anything away to encourage reviews but you can encourage them nonetheless. Have cards out that direct your customers to a link that houses all of your review options. Mention it to them when they come in. Add your review link to your e-mail signature, whatever you have to do.


While this has played a big role historically, it will likely play an even larger role moving forward. How does Google separate all the noise? Engagement.

How engaging are you on social media? Are people interacting with your content or just seeing it? Is your website drawing traffic? Are users spending time and interacting with your website once they land?

These are all playing (and will play) a massive role in your search ranking.

As always, consultations are free! You can contact us here to get started.

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