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What Does The Local Customer Want?

We wanted to get a quick blog post up after reading What The Local Customer Service Ecosystem Looks Like In 2019 by Miriam Ellis.


It's a fantastic read if you have the time.

We're going to highlight the central theme of the post - What Local Customers Want To Know. We'll highlight what we think are five of the most important questions they are asking.

1. Where Is A Business Located?

This is obviously the most important question, if you in fact have a physical location. You need your customer to be able to find you, quickly and without frustration. It doesn't hurt to add special instructions to your listing or website if it can be tricky finding your place of business. At the very least, have your GMB (Google My Business) listing up to date, along with your address listed on social media and your website.

2. How Easily Can I Get A Hold Of Them?

There has been a major transition in customer behavior over the past handful of years - ease of access when it comes to contacting a business. The more ways you have available, the better. Take advantage of Messaging on GMB, Q&A on GMB, social media messaging and automated chat options on your website. Leave no stone unturned.

3. How Do I Leave Feedback?

People will get angry, it's the way it is. But hopefully they want to leave feedback because they were pleased with their experience or simply want to offer constructive criticism to enhance the customer experience. No matter the reason, they need to have an avenue to do it. Building a Review Page into your website is always a great idea. Also, having multiple social media channels for customers to use their voice is great too.

4. When Is A Business Open?

Seems simple but so many businesses ignore this. The business GMB listing is out of date and while Google tells the customer that the business is open - they show up and the doors are locked. This is incredibly frustrating for a customer and you will probably never see them again. Keep your GMB up to date along with your hours listed on social media and your website, especially with holiday hours coming up!

5. Who Is Interacting With A Business?

This is where social media is king. Do my friends like this business? Or they liking or sharing their content? Be active on social media, especially with the holiday season coming up. It's all about density of repetition, eventually they'll see what you are all about.

There are plenty more that are tackled in the post, linked above. But these are the five questions that are being asked on a daily basis. The answers to these questions have to be streamlined and buttoned up on the business side. If any of these questions cannot be easily and painlessly answered, you will be in trouble.

As always, consultations with Alpha Dog are free. You can contact us here if you have questions.

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