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Keep A Close Eye On Your GMB Listing

Customers and yes, competitors, can edit your Google listing.


If you run your own GMB listing, you've obviously noticed some changes over the past few months.

In addition to the Messaging and Posts features (we'll cover those in a future blog), you're probably being blasted with update requests from Google.

These are important!

Potential customers and clients will see this information when they are in the research phase on Google and may make a decision to visit you based on what they see. This information can include everything from whether to not you are handicap accessible to whether or not you are LGBT friendly to whether or not it's alright to order just drinks.

We check on these updates regarding our clients every day. This morning, we had two clients that needed updates confirmed or denied. You can see the dashboard below.

And if you aren't using GMB for your business, you are well behind the curve. That needs to be Priority A, done today. You can do some research and handle it yourself or you can give us a shout and let us help you through the process. It's essential for being found through Google and overall SEO strategy.

As always, consultations are free! You can contact us here.

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