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3 Reasons You Should Take Family Photos

Family Photograph

Ever take a trip down memory lane? You know, that day you decide to dust off those old shoeboxes full of photos in the back of your parent's garage. I recently went to go collect some of my childhood things, but I quickly became distracted by these very shoeboxes.


Well, times have changed and so have photos. We now have the technology to not only take a photo, but make it look its best all right in the palm of our hands. All without ever touching a digital camera or computer. And we are taking advantage of this! InfoTrends estimates that 1.1 trillion photos will be captured this year. In a world over-saturated with digital images, why take photos of your family?

Here are three reasons:

  1. To Connect Your Family My favorite part about a photo shoot is getting families together. Whether you see your family daily or only a few times a year, this is the perfect excuse to get everyone in one place, with their best smiles. And thanks to technology, your photos can be shared with extended family, near and far, keeping you connected with everyone.

  2. They Have Endless Uses It's important to note that a professional photographer can give you higher quality images than you can get from your mobile device, giving you more versatility. Once you have these images, the opportunities of what you can do with them are almost limitless. These photos can be used to decorate your home or can even be given out as gifts!

  3. They Last Forever Photos capture a moment in time that can last forever. It's fun to look back on these milestones in our lives and to see how much we've changed over the years. Looking back on photos means looking back on history, now and for generations to come.

Whether having family photos taken by a professional, or getting out there on your own and taking them on a mobile device, I highly encourage you to do so. Annually, if possible.

For me, finding those old shoeboxes was very meaningful. It contained a number of pictures which brought back a number memories. The above picture (probably taken in the early 2000s) was in one of those boxes and now hangs in my office. For me, it's a constant reminder of the people that shaped me and the journey that brought me where I am today.


About the author:

Tina O'Connor

Tina O'Connor is the Creative Director for Alpha Dog Agency. Born & raised in South Bend, Tina has a love for Notre Dame football and the Chicago Cubs. When she's not doing something creative, you can probably find her hanging out with her miniature pinscher, Deuce. Follow her on Instagram or book your shoot today!

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