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Why Photography?

There have been a few changes around here... have you noticed?


In case you haven't, Alpha Dog Agency has recently expanded to include a photography division, fittingly called Alpha Dog Photography. Check it out here.

Tina at Alpha Dog Photography

I'm Tina and I'm the lead photographer for Alpha Dog Photography. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and why I've chosen to pursue photography.

My freshman year, I found myself sitting in an unfamiliar place: a creepy old classroom in the basement of my high school drawing class. Little did I know the impact this day would have on who I would become.

So there I sat, knowing few people surrounding me, trying to go under the radar. The teacher called out my name during role call. Rather than moving on to the next student, he began naming members of my family.

I had no idea who he was, but somehow he knew everyone I knew. I was even more creeped out and my cheeks turned beet red. I wanted to be anywhere else. After a few more moments of awkwardness, he explained how he knew my family and who he was. Clarity.

You must understand that I was very quiet, very shy. Once the awkwardness wore off, I felt a sense of comfort knowing that this teacher knew so much about me. In just a few minutes, he broke down the wall that I always had up. Later in the class, he came and sat down at my table and we began to talk a little bit more. He asked, "Are you an artist?" I hesitantly answered, "No."

You see, I liked to draw, but couldn't ever consider myself an artist because I just wasn't good enough. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to do photography, but I just wasn't sure, something was holding me back. He continued, "Do you draw? Sketch?" To which I replied, "Well, yes." "Then you are an artist." he said. From there, everything changed. It was in this moment that I gained a sense of confidence in myself. I was an artist, and I could be a photographer.

I went on to take a number of photography classes in high school and in college. From then on, I knew it was what I wanted to do.


This brings me to the point of this blog, of all of the professions I could choose, why photography? Photography allows me to express my creativity while capturing God's beauty. It's a chance to slow down and freeze a moment in time. It's a constant challenge to find the balance between light & shadow.

The best thing about being a photographer is that I am given the opportunity to meet people, to hear their stories and to learn about their lives. I'm excited to be a part of this journey. After all, without you this thing called Alpha Dog Photography wouldn't exist!


About the author:

Tina O'Connor

Tina O'Connor is the Creative Director for Alpha Dog Agency. Born & raised in South Bend, Tina has a love for Notre Dame football and the Chicago Cubs. When she's not doing something creative, you can probably find her hanging out with her miniature pinscher, Deuce. Follow her on Instagram or book your shoot today!

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