In Tina's role as Creative Director, she's responsible for connecting customers to creative solutions to their marketing goals. She does this through many formats including graphic designs, website, social media, content creation, campaigns, print materials and events.

As a champion of culture, Tina does what she can to empower the people around her. In many cases, this is done by teaching them new technology to help them to work more efficiently. In other cases, this is done through one on one professional development.

She believes that by setting goals you align your team to work towards a unified mission which fosters a positive environment. She loves strategizing and mapping out a plan to get the team to the end goal and believes there's always more to learn from those around you and from the world around you. Tina is naturally curious and loves to get to know people by asking questions.

Tina believes that every company should have a strong brand. Her favorite projects are logo design projects because this process helps set the foundation and vision for the brand. She's a visual learner who loves to both absorb and create visualized data. She loves that she's been fortunate to always be challenged by her work and put in an environment where she can grow.

Tina is a graduate of St. Joe High School, right here in South Bend. She enjoys traveling, Pure Barre and championing South Bend in all ways possible.