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The Balancing Act of Website Links

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Links are a key aspect of search rankings. So, all links are good links, right? Wrong.

While generally speaking links establish credibility for your website within search engines, some links provide no value to your listing.

As Orbit Media explains, there are several factors that add SEO value including:

#1 The Linking Website’s Authority

Is the website that is linking to your site credible, or not? And if so, how credible?

You may be wondering how a site gains credibility. This factor is mainly determined based on a website’s link popularity. In other words, credibility has much to do with whether or not the linking site gets high volumes of traffic or not.

Credibility of the linking website is perhaps the most significant factor in determining whether or not the link adds SEO value to your site.

#2 Exceptions To High Traffic Sites

It’s important to note that not all sites with this authority however, factor into your site’s SEO value calculation.

These sites include links from social media posts on social networks, links from YouTube, links from press releases on PR websites, links from forums, and links from blogging platforms.

All of the sites mentioned above do receive high amounts of traffic. However, links from these sites will not add value to your site SEO rating.

#3 The Page’s Amount of Outgoing Links

Along with the outgoing link to your website, how many other outgoing links are included on the page? The more outgoing links on the page, the less value the outgoing link to your page has.

While the presence of outgoing links to your site is generally a positive sign, it’s important to evaluate the quality of these links as well, so that you can know how much value, if any, they are bringing to your site’s SEO ranking.

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