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Increasing Your Business’s Online Presence In 3 Simple Ways

Updated: Feb 27

By establishing an online arsenal, your business can yield notable gains in today’s digital marketplace.

As Forbes explains, your business can effectively increase its online presence in a few rather simple ways:

#1 Maintain your website.

Since 97% of consumers search for products online, it is essential that a business in today’s economy has a website. Your business’s website anchors your entire online presence.

While your website can be simple, this invaluable tool can showcase what your business does, who your team is (and/or illustrate your company’s culture), and how customers can interact with your business.

#2 Socialize.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat… there is no shortage of social media sites on the internet today.

Should your business be on all of them? Not necessarily.

Consider your target market and other potential markets that you want to focus on. Now ask yourself “Where are these users?”

If your answer is “I don’t know,” that’s okay– We recommend that you begin building your business’s social media presence in a manageable and strategic fashion.

You can eventually grow your business’s social media presence, but you need a starting point. More than likely one or a couple of the following are appropriate social media sites to start with: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

#3 Offer additional online touch points.

Other online features that can engage customers include (and are not limited to) a blog, a podcast, infographics, webinar offerings, videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and much more.

In addition, do not underestimate the power of email marketing campaigns. With this tool, you can deliver your message directly to the inboxes of your customers, prospects, and leads.

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