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Have You Taken Advantage of Recent Additions To Google My Business?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Google My Business (GMB) recently added several new features to its lineup of tools. These new features allow you to:

- Earn “Local Favorite” status. The parameters for “local favorite” badges are relatively vague. However, generally speaking this function is intended to reward businesses who update/maintain their GMB profile and respond to customers on this platform.

- Simplify URL with short names. You can register your business with a desired short name. Once the registration has been confirmed, customers and prospects can search your business using this short name.

- Show your logo in the upper right corner of your GMB profile.

- Customize your cover photo options for your profile.

- Add a slide-show module of photos (Soon, you will also be able to include photo captions.)

- Share welcome offers to customers and prospective customers who follow your business.

- Incorporate other promotional assets, such as stickers and posters, on your profile.

Wondering what GMB is?

As a local business, if you have not yet claimed your GMB profile, we highly recommend you do so, and right away. This tool can strengthen SEO by providing excellent visibility to customers and prospects. Get started here.

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