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4 Customer Communication Tips For A Temporary Closing

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Planning to temporarily close your business for renovations at some point in 2020? Here is how to let your customers know:

#1 Website And Social Media

Be sure to clearly communicate renovation plans and any related changes to business hours on your social media channels. And, don’t forget to communicate these details on your business’s website.

You might even decide to bring customers along the journey of this renovation via social media photo and video updates.

Engaging with your customers before and during this is temporary closure is a great way to maintain your customer base and get them excited about the renovations.

#2 Google My Business

Mark your business as “temporarily closed” on Google My Business. This function is available when you contact their customer support. (Here is how to contact GMB support.)

GMB also has a “permanently closed” function, so be sure make sure to clearly communicate to the GMB support team that you are requesting a “temporarily closed” tag.

Also, note that this tag does not show on maps and review sites, like Yelp. Therefore, you can simply use the business description to note the temporary closure, as well as what day your business will reopen.

#3 In-Window Signage

Now that you have communicated your renovation details online, be sure you communicate the renovation plans and related schedule changes in-store as well.

In addition to clear outdoor signage on the door or window, be sure this message is communicated inside the store as well. Not only would a sign or pamphlets in the store help, but also ask your employees to communicate temporary closure details to customers leading up to the renovation.

#4 Grand Re-Opening Event

Use your renovation as a way to promote your business. Hosting a grand re-opening party or other event is an excellent way to connect with previous, new, and potential customers.

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