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Boost Efficiency By Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant On Retainer

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Whether you have a small business looking for an entity to manage your digital marketing or a large company interested in additional expertise within your marketing department, hiring a digital marketing consultant on a retainer contract can enhance your marketing efforts and boost your overall business results.

As Twanna Hines points out, bringing a digital marketing consultant on board with a retainer contact offers significant, meaningful, and measurable benefits:

#1 Flexible Hiring

Flexibility is the name of the game with hired consultants. Before committing to a longer term contract with a consultant, the business owner has the ability to hire the consultant on for short-term, specific projects.

During this short-term phase, the company can determine how well the consultant and what specific value-added expertise the consultant brings to your company. Then, if you determine that the consultant does add value, you can develop a longer term contract.

#2 Integrated Marketing

Digital marketing should go hand-in-hand with the more traditional marketing and communication initiatives. An online marketing consultant can focus on bringing your overall company messaging to online platforms.

#3 Flat, Reliable Fee

As opposed to variable hourly fees, hiring a consultant on retainer provides you, the business owner, with a consistent fee to budget for as you plan upcoming business expenses.

#4 Knowledge Of Your Business

Working with a consultant who knows you, your team, your business’s goals, and your business past performance tends to bode the better results, as opposed to working with a consultant who only pops in on occasional projects.

By working on a long-term basis with an online marketing consultant, the consultant can reach a deep knowledge of your exact business goals, challenges, image, and product/services. Similarly, the consultant will likely be able to provide meaningful input for your overall business plans and initiatives.

#5 ROI

Because the consultant works over long periods of time for your company, his/her work is measurable. As the business owner, you will be able to examine and identify exactly where the consultant is adding value to your business and focus on these value-add areas.

#6 Knowledge Of The Industry

You, as a business owner, know your product, customers, and general business practices inside and out. While you may not be as well-versed the area of digital marketing, hiring an online marketing consultant on retainer provides you with industry expertise.

In a constantly evolving industry, the consultant will have knowledge of these trends. The consultant can then efficiently strategize and execute digital marketing initiatives to meet your business’ needs.

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