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Just Having A Website Isn't Enough

"But I have a website, aren't I good?"


No, you are not.

Sure, it's a good start. It's a necessary start. Your website is going to be the central hub for your online presence. Everything will flow from it. But it's far from the end all, be all.

For example, your website should be the starting point for your SEO strategy. You'll need to claim your Google listing within the GMB platform and then put that to work for your business. You'll also want to supplement that with user reviews, photos, location information along with taking advantage of the new Posts and Contact features that GMB offers.

You'll also want to dive into social media. Facebook is the mandatory channel but it's a good idea to be active on Twitter and Instagram as well. Everything outside of the big three are optional. There are different crowds on each channel and you want to make sure you aren't missing anyone. And better yet, the SEO gods will smile upon you and your streamlined social media presence.

And since we are just talking about 'must haves' today, we'll keep this short and wrap up with an Analytics platform. You can pay for a third-party platform, use the free Google Analytics platform or track through the backend of your website. But you need to be able to gather data from your website traffic, Google traffic and social media traffic and be able to decipher it in a way that will help you moving forward. If you are paying for online ad campaigns, this is 100x as important.

So no, just having a website is not enough. Luckily, there are hundreds of tools out there to guide you through the steps needed to lock down a complete online presence and more easily, our consultations are always free. Let us know what you would like help with!

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