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Our New Home: Downtown South Bend

It'll be four years this fall.


It's hard to believe. Time moves fast, doesn't it?

Alpha Dog Agency Office DTSB

I started the Alpha Dog Agency in the fall of 2013 in my in-laws basement. I remember my first 'day' on the job. I setup shop on the small desk they had in the corner, laid my notes out in front of me and made my first cold call; to Jeremy Kwon DDS. Dr. Kwon is still a client to this day.

Today, Alpha Dog moved into our first official office space. Better yet, it's located in Downtown South Bend, exactly where I wanted to be when I first began brainstorming the idea of starting my own agency.

There have been ups and plenty of downs. But I love what I do and who I do it for. I grew a passion for local business at my previous job, at an ad agency in New York. We worked with local businesses from all over the country and I quickly found out that each one has a story. I was hooked.

I'm unbelievably thankful for each client we have on board. I'm especially thankful for the early clients that took a shot on a kid with limited experience and no portfolio. I can't thank them enough, without them who knows if I would've had the perseverance to push through. Every local business has a story to tell, we try to help them tell that story clearly and creatively.

Moving forward, we hope to do more of the same. Our focus will always be to boost local business and solve problems that local business owners run into. As long as I'm in charge, this won't change. Being in Downtown South Bend is a blessing for this reason. There are people all over the country dreaming and planning their next big step, their business venture. Many of them dream of being located in the epicenter of the action, downtown. Tina and I are absolutely thrilled to now be living this reality and working to help others live the same reality.

If you ever need advice, help or just want to say hello - you can do so here.

Thank you, to everyone. The list of people that have made four years of Alpha Dog a reality is endless. Tina, the rest of my family, friends, clients, they've all been necessary.

Onward and upward, let's do this together.

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