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Don't Let 'Google' Callers Scare You

If you're a business owner, you have no doubt been called by 'Google' about your listing.


Fear not, it's always a scare tactic. Google will never call you and ask for money or threaten you in any way, shape or form.

Joy Hawkins over at Sterling Sky posted a lengthy blog about this tactic and what you should look out for. She actually highlighted 8 different lies they told. It's worth the read but I'm going to highlight a few of them, the ones that are most relevant to the South Bend area.

Without Having Your Listing Verified, It Is At Risk For Being Removed Or Closed

Yeah, definitely not. They'll probably ask for money to 'verify' your listing. You are more likely to run into an unverified listing than a verified listing (all the more reason you should be taking advantage of your listing) and Google doesn't go around removing the unverified ones. Don't let this scare you, it's a lie.

We Can Guarantee Ranking

If any SEO company tells you this, run. It's not possible. Sure, you can get a guarantee that you'll be in better shape and they'll take the necessary steps to help but a ranking guarantee? Negative.

Google Has No Idea What Companies Are Legit Unless They Are Verified

Goes back to the first point, doesn't make sense. While it makes us cringe, there are plenty of unverified listings out there doing just fine. And again, Google will never ever ask for money to do something like this.

They'll use other scare tactics but the lesson remains the same, don't listen to them. As a matter of fact, you should hang up pretty much immediately and not even give them the chance to scare you.

You can always reach out to a Google certified agency if you're looking for some help with your listing or SEO. As always, we offer free consultations. You can contact us to set one of those up here.

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