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Going From 3-Star To 5-Star Results In 25% More Clicks On Google

It doesn't seem like a big deal but in reality, it's a really big deal.


Google is the digital age first impression. Many times, prospective customers will make their decision regarding your business after viewing your Google snapshot. Is it fair? Maybe not. But it's the reality of today.

The most underutilized aspect to GMB (Google My Business), definitely locally and perhaps nationally, is the lack of attention paid to Google reviews. Many are more concerned with Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews or other third-party reviews. While those are now showing on the initial Google search result page, they are not front and center for the user in the way Google reviews are. They aren't even close to being as important as Google reviews.

BrightLocal wrote a great article shedding light on some of the stats backing this up. For example, how about the title of this blog? That's a big deal! Or how about the fact that businesses with a 5-Star rating results in nearly 40% more clicks than those with a 1-Star rating. Again, massive.

Keeping this going, 56% of users select a business if it has positive reviews. And your star ratings in the Local Pack result in higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than organic results!

This all goes to show that your Google snapshot is massively, massively important. This means claiming and optimizing your GMB listing and making sure your reviews reflect the great work that you do.

We do offer Google Optimization packages along with Review Campaigns. Don't join on with a company that offers to have fake reviews posted, it will never pay off long term. You'll want real reviews that are posted in a way that fits within Google Guidelines.

Then you'll be off and running, locking in more of that 'research' stage traffic that comes across your listing. You can contact us HERE to schedule a free consultation.

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