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Ignoring SEO Is Planning To Fail

You're running a business. If you picked up the phone and it was a customer asking how to get to your business, you wouldn't tell them to not worry about it and hang up, would you?


If you're ignoring SEO, that's essentially what you're doing. Actually, it's much worse.

I hate to be the one to break this to you but most (would-be) customers are not calling you anymore. It's just not going to happen. There are too many other options that are far more convenient for them.

First, and usually only and last, they're going to Google you or your vertical. From there, they'll have all the different options. This includes your website, Google listing, social media and various listing sites. If they Google your vertical, they'll be presented with the highest rated options.

Let's say you are needing to get some pants brought in, you're already losing weight in 2017, way to go. You decide to search for a tailor. Here's what will be staring back at you from your screen in the South Bend area.

I mean, there's really zero doubt as to where you'll go. They are the first result, they have a near perfect rating and all the information is laid out right in front of you. There is no guesswork, no need to further your search.

Why aren't more businesses, especially small businesses, taking advantage of SEO? In the South Bend area, it's grossly underused. There are plenty of other verticals that are just waiting to be taken over.

We have a few clients in probably the most competitive search vertical in the area, being dentistry. And within a year of working with them, they've gone from virtually invisible to a massive presence on Page 1 of the most heavily searched terms. This can change the entire landscape of a business!

Parisi Tailor Shop, for example, went from 5-10 new clients per month to now averaging over 50 through 2016. They are scrambling to hire extra help to keep up. We're talking about taking some of your time to learn how to do this yourself or bringing on an agency (doesn't even have to be us, there are others in the surrounding areas that offer great rates as well) to do this for you. Investing in SEO is an investment that pays itself off quickly and additionally. It's really a no-brainer.

As always, feel free to contact us here for a free consultation. Even if you decide you aren't ready to take that step, you'll at least have an idea as to what you should be looking at and what your next steps need to be. Information is a good thing.

Now that you're ready to roll, go ahead and search 'south bend advertising' on Google and get started. Or allow us to do it for you.

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