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Moving To South Bend Continues To Impress

I'll admit, I've been blown away.


Moving To South Bend was a baby of mine. When I started Alpha Dog, I knew I eventually wanted to take the way people relocate to the South Bend area and flip the entire process on its head.

And last year, I couldn't wait any longer. Moving To South Bend was born and here, over a year later, we're running full steam ahead. We've had thousands upon thousands of visitors drop by MTSB since it's launch and that number is continuing to grow by the day.

Of course, you don't have to look far for the reason we are growing. The top-tier, wonderful businesses that are features on the site take care of that organically. We still have a handful to add, along with launching our New Business section of the site, but we've been able to add and (more importantly) keep staples throughout the Michiana area. It's a truly unique tool.

Just yesterday, we received a message to our main dashboard from a gentleman relocating to the area and he wanted to be put in touch with someone that could help him secure commercial real estate. Each one of the three realtors listed on our site could help him with that, so it was an easy introduction and he's then able to decide which direction he would like to go.

We try to take the cat and mouse game out of research. We want residents and students showing up already knowing where they are going to go and what they are going to find when they get there. Above all, we're a service that is striving to help people and that's what we're going to continue to do.

We have exciting additions coming to Moving To South Bend in the coming weeks and months. If you want to be included in them, email to be added to our newsletter. You can email the same address if you or someone you know what like to be considered for addition to the site.

You can also follow us on the below social media sites.

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