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The Nail Cottage Rebranding Is Off & Running

As you've probably heard by now, The Nail Cottage won our April Promo giving them a year of free advertising.


We know that 'a year of free advertising' is a bit vague, so allow us to expand on that. We designed a new logo for them, which you can see here. We've also started the social media transition, giving their accounts a new feel and look. We'll also be adding some customer service features to their social media profiles.

Additionally, we'll make sure they are cool with Google. If you haven't heard, as much as you like Google - they have pretty tight standards. And pretty much everything has to be done really well for them to like you back. Not only that, their 'standards' change by the month.

We'll be creating a new website for Donna and the team at The Nail Cottage as well. This will obviously include a ton of additional features and services, allowing them to grow their business by leaps and bounds.

Lastly, we'll be running a Review Campaign for them. This will be easy for us because there are already an abundance of reviews for The Nail Cottage team on the web and they are all positive.

It all adds up to a complete rebranding. The Nail Cottage is in good hands and we'll do what we can to give them the problem of having to have each day scheduled to the minute.

We'll keep you updated throughout the year. In the meantime, go see them at their brand new location on South Bend Ave.

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