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Director Of Content

Alpha Dog Agency

In-Office and/or Remote

South Bend, IN

Minimum Qualifications

  • 1 Year Experience w/ Social Media Marketing

  • Willingness To Learn, Implement & Analyze Social Media Metrics

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ Years Experience w/ Social Media Marketing

  • Experience w/ Buffer Publish, Buffer Analyze, Canva and Onlypult

  • Experience w/ Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Paid Marketing Campaigns

About The Job

Filling this role as a member of the Alpha Dog team, you will lead Social Media campaigns for various clients spread out across several different verticals.

You will carry these campaigns out on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn along with intermittent content on Twitter and TikTok. These campaigns will largely focus on organic results, although paid campaigns will be put to use as well.

Alpha Dog is a leader in content trends and the ability to catch a consumers attention while scrolling. We aim to boost brand awareness and carry potential consumers to action points through digital means. This position will oversee Account Managers and Interns. 


This role earns an annual salary of $51,500. Once hired, you will be given bi-annual reviews that will have raises tied into them if there is satisfactory work being done. There will also be cash bonuses available throughout the year for exceptional work. At this time, there are no medical or retirement benefits offered.

Additional Perks

Cash Bonuses

Tech Stipends

4 Day Work Weeks

Unlimited Paid Time Off

Unlimited Paternal/Maternal Leave

Workplace Flexibility (Flexible Hours, Remote Optional)

Paid Development Opportunities (Conferences, Classes)


It will be mandatory to take at least two full weeks off each calendar year, while it is additionally encouraged to take at least a long weekend each quarter.


South Bend, IN

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